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CPAP Accessories That Can Help You Get Better Use From Your Machine

If you use a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine to help you breathe easier while sleeping, there are additional accessories that can help you get even better use out of your machine. Some of the best accessories will help ensure greater comfort for you while using your machine while others will make cleaning your machine easier. You can order these CPAP accessories from a trusted CPAP machines supplier and choose from a variety of high-quality options.

CPAP Nasal Pillow With Mouthpiece

This nasal pillow and mouthpiece combo attach to the base of your CPAP machine's mask frame to make using your CPAP machine more comfortable and effective. The pillow provides extra cushioning for your nasal passages and can help prevent indention marks on your face. The mouthpiece fits comfortably over your top teeth to help hold your machine's tube in place better. Using this accessory can also prevent air from leaking.

Neck Pad

If your neck gets sore while you're using your CPAP machine, this neck pad can ease much of the strain. The pad fits over the back of your machine's headgear to support the neck and distribute pressure more evenly to reduce neck strain and pressure on other parts of your head and face. The best neck pads are made from breathable materials that can absorb sweat to keep you cool while you're asleep.

Tube Cleaning Brush

Your CPAP machine can be a hotbed for germs and bacteria if it isn't cleaned regularly, and a tube cleaning brush can be used to sanitize the inside of your breathing tube. You'll want to get a brush that has soft bristles so that you won't leave scratches or other damage inside your tube while you're cleaning it. You can also get a retractable brush that extends long enough to clean the entire inside of your tube and folds up easily when you're ready to store the brush again.

Mask Wipes

Wipes that are formulated specifically for the cleaning of CPAP masks can help keep germs and bacteria on your mask to a minimum. You can order a pack of these disposable, alcohol-free wipes to clean your mask in the safest way possible. The best wipes also won't leave lint on the inside of your mask so that you won't have to worry about inhaling any particles that can irritate the inside of your nose or lungs.

These CPAP accessories will help you take better care of both yourself and your machine. A CPAP machine supplier can explain these accessories in fuller detail so that you can make the smartest decisions about your purchases. 

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