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What'd You Say? Convincing Someone That They Need Hearing Aids

In the middle of a family gathering while everyone else is enjoying friendly chatter, there is always that one relative who spends the majority of their time questioning what was said with huhs and whats. When it is your significant other or elderly parent, there is no doubt that they have already been told by you on more than one occasion that they should get a hearing aid.

Unfortunately, a hearing aid is often associated with old age and in a lot of cases, you will be met with resistance about even having their hearing checked at all. There are a few simple tactics you should give a try to see if you can sway your loved one in a better direction when it comes to their hearing. 

Educate the Unknowing

You would be amazed how many misconceptions there are about hearing aids in general. Some of the most popular misconceptions you may hear as an excuse not to get one include:

  • Hearing aids are uncomfortable to wear. 
  • Everyone will know that they are wearing a hearing aid. 
  • Hearing aids cause a lot of feedback and squealing. 

Years ago, some of these misconceptions may have been true. However, modern hearing aids and devices are nothing like most people expect. They are small, comfortable enough to be worn at all times, and feedback or interference is no longer an issue. By informing your loved one about new hearing aids and how they differ from outdated versions, you may get a jump start on convincing them to visit an audiologist. 

Express Concerns About Communication

One of the biggest issues when you cannot hear is that you cannot openly communicate in conversation. This fact could be used to convince a family member that they do indeed need a hearing aid. Take some time to fill them in on things they have missed and do not hesitate to point out times when their lack of hearing ability left them in the dark. If your loved one is preoccupied with the notion that hearing aids make them look older, explain how old it makes them look when they cannot hear what people are saying or when they are assumed forgetful because they have not heard something in the past. 

Before you get frustrated with a loved one who has problems hearing and their stubbornness when it comes to hearing aids, try taking some time to approach the topic in a different way. You may find that someone who is having difficulty hearing may be a little more receptive to what you have to say.  

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