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How T-Coils Change The Way You Hear In Public Places

If your hearing aid technician tries to sell you digital hearing aids with T-coils in them, you should seriously consider buying them. It is not a gimmick, and it could really change how you hear in public forums. Most cochlear implants already have T-coils built in, but it is a personal choice for those that wear hearing aids. Here are some examples of how telecoils, or T-coils, are changing hearing experiences for many patients like yourself.


Larger churches have the hearing loop installed around the perimeter of the main sanctuary. As you sit in church, you do not have to strain to hear or get a lot of feedback when the pastor or speakers use microphones to preach. Instead, you can flip the T-coil switch on your hearing aids and everything the preacher or speakers say is sent from the hearing loop to your T-coils inside the hearing aids. You hear as clearly as if you had a front row seat right in front of the pulpit.


Instead of paying extra to get a pre-recorded tour on a box with headphones, you can get all of your exhibit information for free. Most museums have hearing loops installed around many rooms of art and special exhibits so that the hard of hearing or people with deafness can learn about each piece with a flick of their T-switch. Because digital hearing aids already catch and process sound digitally, the information in a museum is transcribed into digital information and sent directly to the hearing loops.


To accommodate students of all abilities, universities have also begun to install hearing loops in many classrooms. If you attend a lecture in an auditorium, you can flip your T-switch on and listen to everything that is said. You can also turn it off when the speaker gets boring!

Performing Arts Centers and Movie Theaters

So that everyone can come and enjoy a show, movie theaters have made it easier on their guests with hearing challenges. The booming stereo sounds inside a movie theater may make it hard to hear what the actors or characters in a show are saying. Circling the room with a hearing loop dulls the stereo sounds but clarifies the conversations. Performing arts centers have done the same thing, allowing you to enjoy the symphony, the ballet or a musical just like everyone else in the audience.

Other Places Where You Can Use the T-coils in Your Hearing Aids

If a business or venue has a hearing loop installed, they will tell you that it is available for you to use. They may also post a sign allowing you to know that they are T-coil compatible, which just means that there is a hearing loop in place if you need to use it. Anywhere where there might be a very large number of people and at least one person speaking or singing is probably where you will enjoy the fact that you chose hearing aids with T-coils.

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