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How To Ensure Accurate Results From Your Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

Clinical chemistry analyzers can be used in medical offices for analyzing blood, urine and more without the need to send these samples off to the lab. This can be beneficial for your medical office in a few ways -- you could get results right away without a long wait time from a lab, for example. Plus, even though the machine itself will require an investment, you can save money over time by doing your own analyses at the office instead of using the services of a costly lab.

One concern might be that the results won't be as accurate if you test your own samples at your medical office, but this doesn't have to be an issue. If you follow these steps, you should be able to get highly accurate results from your clinical chemistry analyzer. This means that you can offer better care at your medical office while getting results more quickly and at less of an expense for your office.

Buy the Right Equipment

First and foremost, you should purchase the right equipment. Clinical chemistry analyzers have changed and improved a lot over the years, so you won't want to purchase an older model. Instead, opt for the newest and best equipment that you can find; this will help you ensure that you have the most accurate equipment with the most features. Also, do your research before buying; if you can afford it, for example, you might find that you would prefer an automated clinical chemistry analyzer. Although more expensive, it will help you get more accurate results and will allow you to get your work done faster.

Keep it Sanitary

Probably the most important, it's critical to keep your clinical chemistry analyzer sanitary. Even if you have just washed your hands, you should wear gloves when handling samples or the machine. Sanitize the machine daily and after each use, and make sure that all sample cups are sanitary before taking samples. This will help prevent debris from getting in the way of accurate samples.

Keep Up With Basic Maintenance

Read the owner's manual for your clinical chemistry analyzer, and make sure that you follow the maintenance schedule for calibrating, cleaning and servicing your machine. Along with helping you get the most accurate results, doing so will also help you maintain the item's warranty.

As you can see, there are steps that you can take in your medical office to ensure the most accurate results from your clinical chemistry analyzer. Follow these tips in the office, and you can reap the best possible benefits from your machine.

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