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Cruising In Comfort: 4 Electric Wheelchair Accessories For Added Convenience

Electric wheelchairs are able to offer individuals who have mobility challenges with the means to get around and maintain their independence. With the right accessories, one's independence can be enhanced even more. Here are four that will help add comfort and increase everyday safety:

1. Beverage Holder

For individuals who want to have easy access to a drink or caregivers who are concerned about their loved ones staying hydrated, a beverage holder that attaches to the armrest of the electric wheelchair is perfect. It attaches securely to the armrest and holds refreshing beverages in place for extremely easy access. With a beverage holder, there will be no more of having to reach over to the table to try and grab a glass and hope that you don't fall out of the chair.

2. Tray Table

Trying to get an electric wheelchair up to a table perfectly is a very hard task. It can become frustrating after you've tried several times and still can't get the perfect distance between yourself and the table. Luckily, this doesn't have to be a concern if you have a tray table, or a lap tray. These are perfect for writing, reading, snacking or even eating. With one of these, you never have to worry about bumping into the table again. Make sure that you do purchase one with a lipped edge and an easy-to-clean surface.

3. Flat-Free Spare Wheel and Tire

Just as you wouldn't go anywhere in your vehicle without a spare tire, you shouldn't leave the house in your electric wheelchair without a spare wheel and tire. You never know when a wheel is going to give out, so having a spare on-hand is essential. This is especially true for those who like cruise around by themselves a lot. The best option for this spare tire is one that is flat-free, which means it doesn't take air and will never go flat.

4. Mobility Aid Holders

If you often use a crutch, cane or walker to supplement your mobility, then you need a mobility aid holder. This type of holder will fasten onto your electric wheelchair so that you have the aid wherever you go without it being in your way. When you don't need to use it for your crutch or other mobility aid, you can simply use it as secure storage.

There are plenty more electric wheelchair accessories that you can benefit from, depending on your individual circumstance and needs. Any of these accessories, especially the ones mentioned above, will complement your mobility with enhanced functionality and convenience.

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